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All about Centennial

Located in the south metro Denver area, the City of Centennial, Colorado, is home to 107,201 residents.

As one of the safest cities in Colorado, Centennial has something for everyone, offering open-space, distinctive recreational activities and advanced business opportunities.

The award winning Littleton Public Schools and Cherry Creek School District are the top school districts in the state and serve the residents of Centennial. USA Today and Money Magazine recently ranked Centennial among the “Best Places to Live” in America. The City is known as an innovative leader in successfully using both public and private partnerships to provide high quality and cost effective municipal services to our community and businesses. (source:

Things to do in Centennial

Come spend a day here

Centennial is home to the closest non-commercial airport to downtown Denver and home to a large fleet of corporate jets.
Centennial Airport is the third busiest non-commercial carrier airport in the country. If you happened to leave your Lear jet at home, this is the place to charter a small plane for your private tour of the Rockies.

One of Colorado’s newest cities, Centennial was incorporated in February 2001. It boasts over 100,000 residents, making it Colorado’s ninth largest city. Centennial is home to the the Streets at SouthGlenn, which offers a variety of shops, boutiques and restaurants.

If you live in Centennial, or are just visiting, you cannot help but notice the pride the City takes in its the vibrant parks and open space system, well-connected by walking and biking trails and routes.

Green space is our outdoor living room and continues to define why Centennial is an extraordinary place to live, work and play! The City of Centennial works with various Park and Recreation Districts to enhance recreation opportunities and programs available to the community. (source:

Centennial’s Neighborhoods

See info about our neighborhoods

Life in Centennial has a different feel than other large cities. Centennial is home to more than 100,000 residents in more than 38,000 households. The City is filled with well-kept neighborhoods, dozens of groomed parks and a variety of recreational facilities. Centennial is not only Colorado’s newest city, but it has been ranked as Colorado’s safest city making it a great place to raise a family.

Do you know your neighbors? Many of Centennial’s residents live in areas with homeowner associations or civic associations.

Each association has the opportunity to list their meetings, locations and website in our Business Directory. If you do not see your neighborhood listed, we encourage you to join by completing our  Neighborhood Association Application. Please allow ten days to get your information loaded on the website.

List of Neighborhood Associations in Centennial

Neighborhood Traffic Management

Homeowners Assocation Application

General Improvement Districts

Neighborhood Resource Guide

View FAQs about neighborhood organizations

View FAQs for new residents

Centennial Image Gallery

History of Centennial

See our rich history

In the summer of 1998, Randy Pye, John Brackney, Brian Vogt, Ed Bosier and Pete Ross gathered at a pancake house to consider the advantages of incorporating the City of Centennial. They established a volunteer organization known as the Arapahoe Citizens for Self -Determination and an incorporation steering committee that filed a petition in the District Court in October 1998 requesting an election to determine whether the City of Centennial should be formed. The District Court conducted hearings and determined the petition was invalid. The volunteers corrected the petition and on December 12, 1998, in six hours obtained more than 2,500 signatures on a second petition known as the “Centennial Petition”.

While the Centennial Petition was pending in District Court, House Bill 99-1099 was drafted and introduced in the Colorado Legislature to clarify existing law that established a priority for forming large cities, such as Centennial, over smaller competing municipal annexations. House Bill 99-1099 passed out of the Colorado House of Representatives without a single dissenting vote, and out of the Colorado Senate with only six dissenting votes. This Bill was the first piece of legislation signed into law by Governor Bill Owens on February 1, 1999.

On April 8, 1999 the District Court found the Centennial Petition to be valid and to take priority over competing annexation proposals and ordered an election on whether Centennial should be incorporated but interveners in the District Court case appealed the ruling. The Colorado Court of Appeals transferred the Centennial case directly to the Colorado Supreme Court for determination. The Colorado Supreme Court held oral arguments on May 3, 2000 where the Centennial volunteers once again turned out in mass to support the principles of self determination and the formation of Centennial. The Colorado Supreme Court in a unanimous opinion announced July 21, 2000, that an election should take place to determine if the City of Centennial should be formed.

The volunteer Election Commission for Centennial was appointed, and convened and scheduled an election for September 12, 2000 to determine if the voters within in Centennial wished to form a city. On September 12, 2000, 77% of voters approved the formation of the City of Centennial.

On February 7, 2001, the City of Centennial was legally established as a Colorado City.

In 2001, Centennial was incorporated as a statutory city, governed by state laws. On November 6, 2007, the citizens of Centennial elected 21 Home Rule Charter Commissioners to draft a Home Rule Charter in 120 days. On June 10, 2008, the citizens of Centennial voted to approve a Home Rule Charter by a large margin. Home Rule makes it possible for local governments to have control over local matters of local concern, including sales tax collection and audit. The approved charter serves as a “constitution” for the City. Read the Home Rule Charter.


Education in Centennial

All about the educational system

Most of Centennial is within the territory of the Cherry Creek Public Schools while the western portion of the city in the territory of Littleton Public Schools. Centennial is also served by a few private schools.

Public High Schools

Arapahoe High School
Littleton High School (located outside the city in neighboring Littleton)
Eaglecrest High School (located outside the city in unincorporated Arapahoe County)
Cherry Creek High School (located outside the city in neighboring Greenwood Village)
Cherokee Trail High School (located outside the city in neighboring Aurora)
Smoky Hill High School (located outside the city in neighboring Aurora)
Grandview High School (located outside the city in neighboring Aurora)
Public Middle Schools

Campus Middle School (located outside the city in neighboring Greenwood Village)
Euclid Middle School
Isaac Newton Middle School
Laredo Middle School
John Wesley Powell Middle School
West Middle School (located outside the city)
Horizon Middle School (located outside the city in neighboring Aurora)
Public Elementary Schools – West Centennial

Ames Elementary School (closed at the end of 2008/2009 school year)
Franklin Elementary School
Highland Elementary School
Highlands Baptist Academy
Hopkins Elementary School
Lenski Elementary School
Peabody Elementary School
Sandburg Elementary School
Twain Elementary School
Dry Creek Elementary School
Heritage Elementary School
Homestead Elementary School
Walnut Hills Community Elementary School
Willow Creek Elementary School
Greenwood Elementary School (located outside the city)
Public Elementary Schools – East Centennial

Creekside Elementary School
Peakview Elementary School
Timberline Elementary School
Indian Ridge Elementary School
Trails West Elementary School
Buffalo Trail Elementary School (located outside the city in neighboring Aurora)
Private Elementary and Middle Schools

St. Thomas More Parish School
Highlands Baptist Academy
Shepherd of the Hills Christian School
Centennial Christian Academy
C.A.R.E. Middle School

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Byron grew up in Columbia, MO. He received his B.A. in Finance from Westminster College in Fulton, MO, where he also played soccer. He later went on to obtain an M.B.A. from the University of Illinois. Byron has lived in MO, IL, CO, AZ, and TX, but prefers the Centennial State, where he makes his home. He has always been passionate about real estate and very much enjoys helping people become homeowners. He has been involved in the mortgage industry since 2005. Byron is an avid skier, and along with his wife, two children, and golden retriever, enjoys all the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer. 525-0999
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