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What style home do you love? There are so many considerations that need to be investigated to make sure you’re home search is filled with home styles that you want. Below are a few common housing styles that you may encounter during your home search:

Modern: Mmodern architecture began in the 20thcentury and become the dominant style after the second world war. Modern architecture became improved due to the historical art movement of modernism and was a denial of the old traditional architectures. There became advances and experimentation in construction technology using materials like glass, steels, and reinforced concrete thereby pushing this architectural trend upward. Some characteristics of modern architecture include a boxy and geometric with a flat roof and are having a dramatic and curbside appearance. The majority of modern materials are made of glass, steel, and concrete. Also, the use of solid white walls is a very popular feature of today modern houses. Open floor plans are very common.

Cape Cod Home: This form of architectural designs emerged during the 17thcentury in New England and has gone through periods of revival. This style was copied from the half-timbered houses England houses with a parlor and a hall. This format was adapted by settlers in their homes to make it suitable for the stormy and cold northeast winters and made use of the local materials.

Some characteristics of cape cod homes could be seen in their way of construction whereby they are generally 1.5 stories with a moderate steep pitched roof with gables and often having a large chimney which are generally at the center of the house. Style-wise, cape cod homes are typically covered in clapboard.

Ranch: tThis is typically a single-story home with a long horizontal trail. Often credited to California architects, this post-war style celebrated the abundance of cheap land and extensive suburbs. They are characterized by a less-formal lifestyle and encouraged open free-flowing floor plans. They are mostly one-story but could also be a raised ranch which is a two-story adaptation with a finished basement.

Some other forms of architecture or housing styles you’ll find are Craftsman, Cottage homes, Pueblo Revival, Spanish homes and others.

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